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Post reviews of books you have read, so you can share your favorite book, or not so favorite book, with your classmates.


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Recent Posts
By: Alize Rose           Title:The Forest of Hands and Teeth Author:Carrie Ryan Genre:Dystopian The story, The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan takes place in a jail-like community that is fenced in. Everyone is trying to fend for the ... more» 
Posted by arose  at 9:09 AM 1 Comment
BY: LIBBY BITSOIE A book written by John Boyne. It was 1942 in Berlin, Germany. A young boy named Bruno had a great life living in a mansion. Bruno had a lot of great friends, until he moved to Out-With. He lost all of his friends. All Bruno coul ... more» 
Posted by lbitsoie  at 9:06 AM 1 Comment
By: Gracelyn Boring Title: Glass Sword (Author: Victoria Aveyard) Genre: Fantasy The main character, Mare Barrow, is a 17-year-old and is a Red (they have human blood but some have powers that come from past generations) who steals for a living, b ... more» 
Posted by gboring  at 9:05 AM
​By: Marisol Hill Girl on a Plane, by author Miriam Moss, is mostly set inside of an airplane in the 1970’s. Anna, the protagonist, is a 15 year old girl who was on her way back to boarding school in England. She is strong, brave, and she endured ha ... more» 
Posted by mhill  at 9:03 AM
By: Mykal Hutson   Title:Wonderstruck  Author:Brian Selznick  Genre:Mystery and adventure It all starts out in Gunflint Lake, Minnesota, June 1977 the author introduces us to Ben Wilson, a lone wolf who is very determined. We also meet Rose, a l ... more» 
Posted by mhutson  at 9:00 AM