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The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing 

By: Devyn Smith The name of the book I did my book review on is called The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing (the second book in the Mo and Dale mysteries). The author is Sheila Turnage. This book takes place in a small-town called Tupelo Landing, North Carolina. The main character is Mo LoBeau. She is loud-mouthed and always speaks her mind. She is hot-headed, brave and smart, but she is also really annoying and childish. She and her best friend, Dale Earnhardt Johnson III, opened the Desperado Detectives Agency together where they solve mysteries. Mo’s (adoptive) mom and (adoptive) grandmother bought an old inn that had once belonged to a family whose daughter was murdered.

Mo and Dale wanted to interview the oldest person in Tupelo Landing for extra credit. When the oldest person was picked by someone else, they decided to interview the ghost of the inn that Mo’s mom and grandma had recently purchased at an auction. They started to learn more and more about the ghost, finding out that her name was Nellie and that she was murdered. After awhile, they started to realize that she wanted them to solve her murder by the clues she gave.

This book was really confusing. Too many things were happening during the book and it didn’t really catch my attention. This book was really easy to read, because it was only fourth grade level, but it was really boring. Worst of all, the book was not believable. In today’s age there is no way that three sixth-graders could overrule the police’s jurisdiction on cases, and there is no way that some children that seem kind of ditsy could solve murders that the police couldn’t. “She’s a donut,” Dale explained. “Donor,” Thes said . “She’s a donor.” ‘Somebody screamed. Maybe me.’ That’s only the beginning of all of the corny attempts of the author trying to make the characters funny!

I would NOT recommend this book. It’s very unrealistic and kiddie. If I could rate this book, I would rate it a 2. The author’s attempts at humor were terrible. Like how an explosion had happened at the school and the twins who accidentally made the explosion had their eyebrows singed off. Yet everyone was okay. The only part I liked in the book was when Nellie was finally at peace and said her goodbyes and disappeared. It sounded so elegant.

Posted by dsmith On 22 February, 2018 at 8:28 AM  16 Comments

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