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The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials 

James Dashner is the author of the series ‘’The Maze Runner’’. The Scorch Trials takes place in the Scorch, which is a city that has been burned and destroyed by the heat of the sun. The main character is a teenager named Thomas. Thomas is a brave, leader type of person in the group and he wants to stop the Killzone Department, which is known as "Wicked". Thomas and the group are put in the Scorch  by Wicked and they have been told they have the Flare virus. They have to get out of the Scorch before a certain time or else they won't get the cure.

In the book Thomas and the others have to make it out of the crank infested city to get the cure. Cranks are people who have been infected by a virus. Once they made it to the city, they found two cranks who were willing to help get them past other cranks in the city and get them to their destination. Thomas and one of the cranks got separated from the group because of other cranks who tried to kill them. After walking in tunnels for a while, they noticed someone or something following them. When they turned around they saw a crank, but the crank was missing his nose. The crank wanted their noses and began chasing them through the tunnel. After a long battle, they were finally able to kill the crank and made it through the tunnel. As they searched the city for their friends, three cranks approached them and made them go to a party and something bad happens to Thomas. I think the theme of the book is science fiction because it has something to do with disease and advanced technology.

I liked this book because of all the action and suspense throughout the book. So many things in this book will surprise you and make you want to read another one of the four books in the Maze Runner series. I love how the choices the group makes always leads to some sort of interesting conflict. What confused me is how some cranks were good and others were bad. This book is probably the easiest book I have read since I have started reading because it doesn't have any big words and is only 334 pages.The book is also more predictable because in the book it says things that foreshadow many upcoming events. The ending is the best part of the book. Another one of my favorite parts is when Thomas gets shot in the arm with a rusted bullet. In the book it says,’’sealing Thomas’s fate whatever it might be,’’ to show that Thomas is special and his destiny is to save the world.

I would recommend this book to anybody because this book is very entertaining and I think others would enjoy the Maze Runner series. I would rate this book a 5 because it has everything a good book need, like romance, suspense, and action.

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