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Rangers Apprentice: Erak´s Ransom 

Author: John Flanagan In Rangers Apprentice: Erak´s Ransom a group of friends are traveling to the foreign country of Arrida, to pay a ransom for their friend. Arrida is a little town in a large desert hundreds of kilometers across. There are about 3 oasis in the whole desert and they are all very small. There are lions, sandstorms, and bandits in the desert that might kill anyone. Will, Halt, Horace, Scavengal, and the Princess Evelynn have to release Erak from the Arrida’s grasp. Halt has been Will´s mentor for about 4 years. Will is training in the ways of the Ranger by learning stealth, bow shooting, and knife throwing. Erak is the leader of Skandia, and Scavengal is one of his helpers (they are Vikings pretty much). Horace and Will have known each other for years. Horace is one of the best knights the battle school has received.

The Arradis caught Erak in an ambush as he was trying to raid their town. The Arradi´s decided to keep Erak only because he was the leader of Skandia, so can be used for ransom, so the leader of the Arradi let the others that came with Erak go. The crew found Will and Halt and told them what happened, so they decided to go to with Horace, Scavengal, and the Princess to pay the ransom. They decided on an agreement on how much to pay for Erak, but then they got wrapped up in another adventure. Erak had been stolen by another tribe of desert people. So they have to go save him, but end up in danger themselves and Will is their only hope.

This book makes a lot of sense and is exciting (as long as you have read the other books in the series). This book has lots of good vocabulary and description. It also uses physics to help describe how they hit the target. "The whole story was very satisfying, especially the ending."

I recommend this book to anyone that likes adventure and destruction. "This book would be good for just about anybody no matter what you like even romance." I give this book 4 stars because it is the perfect line between drama and action. There wasn`t any part of the book I didn`t like. (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)
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