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The Well 

The Well By AJ Whitten takes place in a forest behind a house. The forest is not very big, but there is an old well in the middle of the forest. The well is deep. It’s made out of old bricks and it is very moldy and sticky.  There is a monster in the well and Cooper, the main character, in the beginning fell in the well and his brother gets him out of the well. Cooper wants to find out who pushed him in the well. Cooper is very brave. He will do anything to save his life and his girlfriend and in the worst occasions he will make the right decisions. When Cooper fell in well there was a monster in the well. The monster was trying to kill him, but his brother saved him. Cooper finds out that his mom pushed him in the well and is trying to kill him. He goes to his girlfriend’s house and finds out that the monster and his mom took her.

Cooper falls in the well and finds a monster tries to kill him, but his brother gets him out in time. He wants to know how he fell in the well and finds out that his mom pushed him in the well and is trying to get him to the monster in the well to kill him. Cooper is trying to find out why his mom is out to kill him and he can’t get the monster's voice out of his head. The monster talks to him day and night and taunts him and is telling him about his destiny he must take. He wants to talk to his girlfriend. He goes to her house and she is not there. Then, he finds that his mom took her down the well as a prisoner for the monster. He goes to get her and has to make the decision of his life. The Well is a good book. It is not confusing at all and has a lot of suspense. You don’t know what’s going to happen next and you want to keep reading. The book is well written and has a good theme. I recommend the book to anyone who likes mystery because this book has a lot of that. If you like mysteries The Well has a lot of mystery and great characters that are realistic. I recommend this book.

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